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Speciallized in customs clearance for non-EU firms

Unicon E-Commerce GmbH has made it its mission to enable non-EU based companies to enter the EU market. This is achieved through a unique international network of logistics services, a team of customs experts and a warehouse specialized in E-Commerce for the pre-FBA and FBM sector. For non-EU based companies in particular, we offer to arrange a compliance check and an EU-representative.

How we can help you to scale your business within the EU

Customs Clearance

  • Customs clearance for non-EU firms
  • Audit and legal examination from customs experts
  • Short and efficient process

EU-Market compliance & EU-Representative

  • Rapid intermediation of a partner for the EU-Compliance check and the service as an EU-Representative

Worldwide Logistics Services

  • Full service Logistics Provider
  • Warehouse Handling
  • Pre-FBA and FBM
  • Individual solutions

Profit from our network of international partners around the globe with plus 15 years of experience in international logistics services

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